Level Up Your Kitchen

Level Up Your Kitchen

We are officially half way through January.

Some of us will have spent the past few weeks taking up running, giving yoga a go, or learning how to make our own soap. Others will have given up wine, kicked the chocolate or forbidden carbs and dairy.

For us, the New Year has been all about spending time in the Kitchen doing what we love best; experimenting with new recipes to keep our hearts and our minds happy, healthy and nourished.

Nothing puts us in the mood to get creative more than shiny new additions to the kitchen. 

Check out our latest collection of kitchenware to get you inspired today. 

[L-R, From top to bottom]

1. Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set - £20

2. Wooden Rose Gold Measuring Cups & Spoons - £23.90

3. Matte Pastel Ceramic Plate. Small - £12 / Large - £16

4. Matte Cutlery Set in Gold / Rose Gold / Black / Silver - £19.90


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Stay strong, keep building your home sanctuary and stick to those resolutions, whatever they may be.

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