Invite New Energy Into Your Life With These 5 Simple Storage Solutions

Invite New Energy Into Your Life With These 5 Simple Storage Solutions

Spring 2020 is the perfect time to invite new energy into life. One of our favourite ways to do it here at Poppy & Bloom is to organise the living daylight out of everything! Putting things in order, gives you a much clearer frame of mind and perspective.

Here are 5 common items around the home that you can reorganise: 

Jewelry and Makeup

A jewelry tray of dreams! This luxe gold and glass tray with a mirrored base makes everything look effortlessly classy. It makes us happy just looking at it. Comes in Rectangle and Polygon, and in 2 sizes. 

From £25 


Succulent plant ceramic white gold holders

Yes - plants can be organised too! Succulents are ever so cute and trendy, but are often bought in plastic pots. Repot them in these beautiful ceramic planters that come in 3 colours - White, Iridescent and Forest Green . We're digging this minimal and nordic style! 


Kids Toys, Cosy Throws, Potted Plants, Magazines..

The list is endless with this one. These fluffy pom pom seagrass belly baskets are a great addition to any house and super on trend. They are light and foldable, and add instant charm to any room you pop them in! Colours are 100% customisable.

Fluffy Pom Pom Seagrass Belly Baskets Boho

£20 - 22

Food, Makeup, Trinkets..

Pink Marble Tray

Pink, marbled and heavyweight. Keep your space with minimal with our super popular trays that come in 4 shapes - Square, Rectangle, Circle and Hexagonal. So hard to choose! 


Sundries, Toiletries, Art Materials

Knitted Round Baskets Sundries Organisation

Knitted round baskets keep things tidy at your crafty working area, hallway, bathroom, in cupboards or dotted anywhere around the house. They come in 3 neutral hues - White, Beige and Grey. So hard to choose! 


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