Deconstructed Boho Room - Essentials for a Dreamy Bedroom

Deconstructed Boho Room - Essentials for a Dreamy Bedroom

Soft, neutral tones, palmy tropical plants and a pouf to cosy up to. 

Sounds cushty? We break down the ultimate essentials of creating the perfect IG-worthy Boho Room to destress in after a long day. 

1. Plants - the more the merrier!

Our Large Nordic Ceramic White Minimal Plant Pots (29.5cm x 25cm) accommodate larger plants. Best bedroom plants to have include the Snake Plant (Air Purifying), Peace Lily (Prevents Mildew) and Aloe Vera (Antioxidant & Antibacterial properties in its gel).

2. Soft Rugs

Geometric lines, tassels and monotone colours, we have a range of rugs to transform hallways, bedrooms or any space that needs perking up! 

Featured: Lulla Geometric Rug

3. Poufs 

Small, medium or large - we love them in all sizes. Perfect to sink into, we are partial to tufted designs for an added touch of luxury and style. Keep an eye out for exclusive, new designs we will be launching through the year. 

Featured: Amalia Cream Pouf Footstool

4. Cushions 

Our cushion obsession knows no bounds. Layer, mix and match and throw together all your favourite designs to create your therapeutic, one-of-a-kind sofa sanctuary. 

Featured: Gili Cushion Covers

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